Aside: I’m going to EVO 2016!

I’m definitely excited to return to Las Vegas for EVO 2016. My initial thoughts are to spend Thursday flying out, the long weekend at the event (hopefully with a new iPhone or a couple of external batteries to recharge the phone with) and spend the following Monday flying back.

After dealing with’s somehow Flash-based ticket ordering process, I was able to grab the tickets I needed for the weekend: the convention hall spectator pass and a floor seat ticket in Mandalay Bay Arena for Sunday.

I’m going to wait a bit to figure out my hotel and flight situation, but I’ve got the first part of the whole situation figured out. And that first step is half the battle, right?

I mean, I guess a typical sports fan would StubHub their ticket right now and try to make some obscene profit, but not I—I will actually show up, I will eat Chipotle and I will try to play better poker this time around!

All of those things.

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