Aside: the lowercase esports podcast is a go.

tlep_iconIt’s been a long time coming, but I’m going to start pulling the trigger on regular episodes of a personal goal of mine—a podcast. I’ve long thought that I always had a voice (and a face) for radio, but I haven’t been able to put that line of thinking into practice since Friendly Fire folded. Now, I think I can give that a go, again. I think it’ll be good fun, even if it ends up being a challenge to maintain a schedule.

Right now, I’m planning on three episodes a week, going live on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Saturday episode might eventually include guests or some sort of recurring panel discussion, but the weekday episodes will focus on news headlines and be mainly solo shows or produced reports.

As far as producing the podcast, I’m going to start out using Audacity to record and Opinion to publish the podcast to both iTunes’ podcast directory and Google Play. It’s pretty damn slick and I look forward to being able to using its dead-simple workflow to help get the podcast off the ground.

A pilot episode is live.

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