Aside: Cornerstone Euro teams, ESL form international cabal to consolidate marketing power

wesaleakEight teams, one event organizer, zero publishers, zero players, and a five person board with two ESL representatives. Just considering those details alone, you’d have to conclude that an esports organization with a power structure like that is not meant to fairly promote esports, player rights, or anything remotely resembling the utopian union idea that never seems to materialize.

I think it’s safe to say that, holy fucking shit, ESL have completely lost their minds. Here’s a translated version of the organization’s mission statement originally discovered by /u/Ivanuvo and translated from the original German:

Aim: Promote tuning and managing sport at international level and establishment of a global and structured platform for eSports, its players and teams through construction, promotion and operation of ESL-Liga/leagues, as well as other eSports events that are supported by the Association, online and offline.
Creation, creation and obtaining necessary licenses and/or development of software, technology, content and other materials that are needed for the ESL League/leagues and other eSports events supported by the Club (i.e. ticket sales, production logistics, event organisation) to work, can be advertised, promoted and operated;
Combining the sporting and economic interests of the teams who are members of the Association (‘WESA-Team(s)’), as marketing partners, as well as marketing of all of the WESA community rights conferred on team players (‘player’) and the Walsh teams.)

We’ll definitely be waiting to hear about details for this organization, anonymous spokesperson who is probably Carmac.

From the bits and pieces that are publicly available, it’s reasonable to conclude that ESL are trying to secure its place in the competitive scene–regardless if their place is already secure in the competitive scene because… y’know… it’s ESL.

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