TLEP #053 – How To Bet CS:GO Skins Online

In the course of everyone sharing their thoughts about the recent CS:GO gambling fiascos involving several prominent YouTubers, many reports on the subject involve a brief description of how making money on CS:GO skins work. However, the explanations offered in these articles aren’t nearly specific enough and only outline the process. Therefore, I’ve decided to take an entire episode and dedicate it to fully explaining how to gamble with skins.

the lowercase esports podcast isn’t–obviously–sponsored by any skins site, but I’m totally open to that, provided some specific conditions are met. If you represent a betting site, have listened to the podcast and are interested in sponsoring the podcast, my contact page has details on how to reach out to me. If you’re looking for more podcast content, the episode list and the links you’re looking for are here.

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