An apology, post-unplanned hiatus.

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado these past few days. I would say that I’ve been partaking in the holiday weekend, but that wouldn’t be the truth. I took a break from everything because I wasn’t happy with the effort I was putting into the content I was making for the podcast and on this blog. Therefore, I took the weekend to not think about it so much and delve into some of the sweet deals that Lord Gaben hath made available for real currency–including the entire Deus Ex series for less than $10.

This Thursday, we’ll get back to form with the lowercase esports podcast. I am also considering revamping the episode release schedule (presently Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) so that I can focus on making fifteen-to-twenty minute episodes that have some sort of resemblance of organization, if not quality.

But also, in the light of the CSGOLotto revelations of this past weekend, here’s this summary of what esports betting is all about in less than 140 characters: