RVANews is doing a thing to talk about #RVA. You should be there.

Do you live or work in or around Richmond? Do you care about the direction that Richmond is heading in? Do you have this Wednesday evening free? Do you have twenty dollars for the ticket? Optionally, do you have extra cash for secondary drink ticket purchases?


I attended the first RVANews Live event which was pretty awesome. At the time, it was thought of as more of a proof of concept test, but I’m pretty sure the fact that RVANews could bring together such a high quality of the three panels of local activists, celebrities, and entrepreneurs meant that this could happen.

The three panel format gives attendees a chance to meet each other and ensures that panelists don’t run out of things to talk about. It’s pretty awesome to be in a relatively close-in setting to be able to shoot the breeze with a panelist before they take the stage.

If getting the commitments of three panels worth of busy people isn’t simple enough, finding a space in the city to host the audience for the event seems just as complex. It’s good to hear that the folks over at the good-ship USS RVANews are continuing the series at GatherRVA’s meeting room, because it was just the right size to accommodate everyone in attendance.

Finally, what’s even better than being able to hear everything a panel says? Being able to fire questions back at them probably tops the list. What’s better than that? The panelist asking a question to the audience and the audience becoming the panel for a brief moment. The feel of the panels at the last event felt more like a large group conversation more than the stage speaking at an audience. I hope that the rotating set of moderators allow this kind of fluid-ish format to continue at Wednesday evening’s event.

If you’re in town on Wednesday and want to hear what folks are doing to make Richmond (and in some cases, Virginia as a state) less shitty and generally better, buy a ticket and come on down to GatherRVA. After you buy a ticket, you’ll want to RSVP via Facebook.