This is not Destiny 2 FOMO, I swear.

Destiny 2’s development has been rather infuriating to watch form the sidelines. I played a fair amount of the game in its first year, but became disenchanted with it as the weekly grind grew in scope to require a full-time commitment.

I noticed a sad not about the descent into microtransaction madness on Kotaku that cited some insane numbers. 30 hours to grind for one set? Being paywalled out of the others?

So much of the new content seems locked behind the microtransaction marketplace. Or locked behind player decisions (which isn’t completely horrible, but it’s still a drag to earn all three rewards for an event which is otherwise insignificant to the game world).

Meanwhile, The Division 2’s sets are part of seasonal events that can be (relatively) easily grinded out over a period of a couple of weeks—because these goals are designed to be achievable.

I wish more people played Divvo 2.