Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E12.

  • Nvidia what huh consoles huh?
  • White on Labor Day? WHOA.
  • Bad Namco games? Standard.
  • Star Citizen’s piece-by-piece release plan is simply going to create more of a mess than it already has on their hands. Instead of the traditional game development strategy that goes along the lines of build an engine, make the game and then furnish the experience, deciding to go forward with a strategy that’s so backward has to be costing them in the development process. Hell, if they wanted to release a demo in which you could fly around a space station and not do anything amazing like warp around or engage other ships, that would be fine. At this point, they’ll release a demo like that, sometime after they release the hangar that allows a player to get attached romantically to the idea of one day flying that ship around.

    I guess I just don’t get the hype behind this game. I just want Freespace 3 or a new Wing Commander game.

  • Eedar just published the most obvious report about identifying who would pay the most for casual mobile games with in-app purchases. Kathleen’s finger pointing and line at the end is the real Inception moment, here.
  • Ohhh, that makes sense. AMD has the two biggest graphical chip manufacturing deals of the decade, while Nvidia was left behind after being denied a console chip furbishing gig. Yeah, free games with graphics cards might sound like a cool deal for PCmasterrace gamers, but that’s about as far as that scheme could go, unless they start bundling their triple-A titles with new PCs.
  • Amazon what huh making bundles of money huh?
  • Pre-recorded show joke!
  • FFXIV is bad, but Magitek armor? YES, PLEASE.