Here’s what I learned from the /r/leagueoflegends mod drama over the past few days.

bcarr: but what you haven’t seen are the [Riot] orders to prevent e-stalking and the distribution of e-stalking detectors called e-readers and books about scientology
§1: we need more hyphens.
bcarr: hyphenation is spreading across the nation-state
§1: I prefer e-hypenation really
§2: eHyphens
bcarr: now spell like AN euro
bcarr: e-hyphenuateons
§1: E H Y P H E N S
§3: e-Hyphens

Look, I don’t know if Riot really is pulling strings and shouting orders at the subreddit moderators or not like Richard Lewis’ articles suggest. Here’s what I believe:

  1. If you’re running a public fan forum for X and the company behind X approaches you, you trumpet it ’til kingdom come as a victory—you shouldn’t bury it. If you don’t, something’s weird.
  2. A NDA isn’t control, but it sure is ~control.~ There is a difference.
  3. “Trust but verify” will never work in esports. That’s why Richard Lewis and others investigate esports stories for more information.