Overwhelming support is overwhelming.

Thanks to everyone who came out to make the SMCRVA event last night a great success. The presentations were awesome and the reactions I received from attendees was amazing. Here’s a sample of tweets mentioning me that stood out:

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Still catching my breath.

I recently returned from a certain music festival in Manchester, Tennessee called Bonnaroo. I’ve been trying to rebuild the entire week in my mind, but every time I really have a chance to think about what my favorite shows were, I end up feeling like I can’t come to a decision about any of it—I had that much of a blast for that extended weekend.

What I am catching my breath for is a certain Social Media Club event in which I will be chatting about Reddit, a relative newcomer to the table of online communities. It’ll be held this Thursday at the Barksdale Theater in the Willow Lawn shopping center starting at 18h (6pm) and going until whenever the majority of us decide to depart for the after party (presumably, by 21h).

In many cases, we’ve been able to stream the event live over Ustream, but the quality might not be what you’re used to if all you watch are gaming streams online. In any case, I’ll be uploading slides and my notes from the presentation by the Monday following, so keep an eye out for that information around then.