Public speaking for the greater good of mankind.

Or something like that.

From what I have heard about the recent TEDx event that happened in Richmond, VA this past year, I didn’t miss a thing that was relatively mind blowing or important. And that’s fine, because apparently the organizer for the TEDx event had the gall to charge tickets for the event–something that is generally not done for TEDx events.

Richmond has this perpetual self-esteem/identity problem where it sees itself as something as cool as an Austin-like city that deserves to have a properly attended celebration of its diversity and melting pot of the arts but can’t seem to break the mold. I hate that about this city.

Sure, Richmond should aspire to not suck, but it shouldn’t do that by trying to get x amount of influential people (read: owns a business with downtown frontage and/or has significant connections) into a room to hear presentations about what sucks about Richmond and what they can do to fix it. It should just get people into a room and talk about why things are pointlessly embarrassing on a case by case basis. The goal of the discussion shouldn’t be to fix something to be more attractive, it should be to share knowledge and discover what everyone should be addressing at their own levels.

I went off on a pretty wild tangent there, but this is along the lines of what I hope to accomplish in explaining my relationship with esports and writing about all things technology on this blog at bill conference 3.

I think I’ll have slides, because holy shit I am a fucking train wreck when it comes to talking off of the top of my head, but I’m splitting my presentation into two parts. I’m looking to give a short presentation about why I am a horrible writer and then lead into a sort of “this is what I have to deal with” comparison with the current esports scene. I also intend to interrogate whoever is there (who I assume could give less than three fucks about video games and turning it into a spectator sport) about where I should be focusing or even if I have a place in esports at all.