Is GotFrag worth saving?

What GotFrag has essentially become.

When I think back to when I started trying to cover Team Fortress 2 with a series of video briefs covering the North American competitive scene, GotFrag wasn’t a news source anymore, but it was the place where near daily troll-a-thons occupied its forums.

Even so, these trolls weren’t simply blowhards in the community, but they were the ace players in the scene. Perhaps that’s why the TF2 community held on to the GF forums longer than some of the other games have?

When I started writing content for CommunityFortress, I was also given the keys to the GotFrag TF2 community as well. Looking back on it now, I really should’ve use them more and gotten to know the celebrities in the community, but I didn’t.

When I look at what GotFrag was I remember a pretty decent venue for esports when FPS was king. Since then it seems to be brought up whenever Major League Gaming’s CEO needs a little humbling, only to become the butt of a joke acquisition that MLG made before his time at the helm of the league.

Even though there’s probably not a lot of people that will end up reading this, I’d like to help rebuild what GotFrag used to be.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to rebuild a GotFrag brand, but perhaps I could help build up another brand that deserves its place in the spotlight for a change—ESFI springs to mind.

ESFI World. A site that's not dead.

The question that I’ve been haunted by—well, not really haunted by… the mind-thesaurus seems to be a bit broke, at the moment—is simple: what can I do for esports? is there anything that I can say, write or keep track of that’s not already being said, written or kept track of?

I feel like that was what GotFrag was for the FPS scene in general. That’s what TeamLiquid is for StarCraft. That’s what sites like Rakaka was for and sites like ESFI are doing now. Do I just throw in to one of those organizations and hope I can contribute something worthwhile?

Or do I just continue writing my own thoughts right here?

Or do I troll the fuck out of some TF2 baddies on GotFrag right now?

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