I haven’t really been on a roll with blog posts lately thanks to my apparent lack of spare energy to put into posts. I plan on kick starting the blog again as I have a few different post ideas that I want to communicate:

  • Let it be known that I have joined EVE Online 1¬†while it was dirt cheap on Steam. Having fun with it and about ready to kick it into overdrive.
  • Major League Gaming’s 2 Columbus 2012 event wrapped up and I have to say, everything seemed to have turned out alright. Minor thoughts about this are forthcoming.
  • I also realize that I need to write more about social media stuff because I feel like I am being left behind with all of the changes in the scene.

Anywho that’s just a few things that I’m going to push to the blog within the week or so. And hey, maybe a personal post as well.

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