Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E8.

  • Aussies being screwed about video games is nothing new.
  • Ghost-free is the best free.
  • I’ve never played any of the Saints Row games before, but I wonder how many folks will actually buy a pre-order collectors edition of the upcoming title.
  • Globacore creates a VR-enhanced version of Paperboy. Good on them.
  • The Aussie government doesn’t really care about the reasons that software is generally more expensive to buy in-country than to buy out-of-country. All they really care about is the substancial increase in tax revenues that they get from selling these games in addition to the prices’ discouraging effect on consumers to purchase them. That last bit has to have the uber-moralistically-imposing government feeling happy as can be, I’d imagine. The invocation of price-gouging, a well-time pause, and the accompanying rolling headline of ‘literally what is happening’ is awesome. It’s like Graham knows exactly what’s going on, here.
  • Gift a Game to an Aussie Day is fucking brilliant. So much so, in fact, that it deserves its own bullet point. Which it now has.
  • Another borderline-perverted Japanese dating-sim-meets-actual-sim? Don’t they have any more ideas about how robots can be giant suits for humans to ride in and save the world or something? Actually, now that I think about it, SQUARE ENIX, LOCALIZE MORE FRONT MISSION GAMES YOU WHORE OF A VIDEO GAMES COMPANY.
  • Kathleen wants to pile on the ongoing feminism-in-video-games conversation by rating fictional Japanese characters. #standard
  • Whoa, this segment from Kathleen is definitely on point. Pretty damn hilarious.
  • Graham’s face at the end. I know that feel, bro.
  • Oh god, Kathleen is right. By buying itself out, Activision Blizzard is essentially an indie game developer. THE SKY IS FALLING.

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