EVE Fanfest 2014 will be the only thing I watch for a few days.

EVE Fanfest is an annual conference surrounding EVE Online and the other games related to the New Eden universe. It’s become a huge celebration of CCP Games and a chance for players to get together and meet in a real space, but the real value of Fanfest comes from the presentations that take place. Most of the presentations are entertaining and informative about how the company approaches its sandbox.

I’m definitely going to be watching the stream as much as I can. Getting hyped for the upcoming summer expansion. I also have a few drafts for ideas I’m kicking around including posts about my thoughts on Dark Souls 2 (I’ve finally made it to NG+!) and on my first impressions of my Nintendo 2DS purchase now that I’ve had a couple of weeks with it.

As far as must-watch events on the stream, here’s a few I’d suggest anyone to try to make time to watch: 1

  • 1600 UTC today: CSM Panel
    The CSM is a panel made up of players who directly advise CCP Games on the development of new features and updates to EVE Online. With the CSM8 term coming to a close, I imagine there’ll be plenty of reflective-esque comments to be gleamed.
  • 1700 UTC today: EVE Fanfest Welcome & EVE Valkyrie Keynote
    Looking for details to come out about an estimated release date and system plan for Valkyrie, the upcoming space-dogfighting Oculus VR game.
  • 1700 UTC tomorrow: EVE Online Keynote
    This is typically the time when we get the summer expansion revealed to us, complete with a demo of all of the new things being added. With such a huge focus on Industry modernization evidenced by dev blogs, this could be the time for CCP to surprise its players with drastic capital ship rebalancing.
  • 1900 UTC tomorrow: Alliance Panel
    Historically entertaining presentations given about certain player-run organizations in the game. Last year’s highlights (for me) was a tie between TDSIN’s second year presentation which was more of a hilarious update and DBRB’s GSF presentation in his admiral’s outfit… I wonder who will be the winner this year!
  • 1700 UTC Saturday: CCP Presents
    CCP’s future plans have frequently been divulged in this particular block of time. A strong showing here will leave players hyped up for years to come. With the big 10-year-old bash last year that celebrated the upcoming second decade of EVE Online, this presentation is probably going to touch on the status of so many of the ideas they shared about how New Eden will expand in size in the future.

  1. EVE Fanfest 2014 is streamed over CCP’s Twitch.tv channel

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