EVE Fanfest 2014 certainly seemed to deliver on a few interesting points.

Like I said before Fanfest began, CCP puts on a crazy show for its fans. This year’s convention wasn’t any different when you consider they had a huge production based around CCP employees fighting a legitimate MMA fighter. However, the most exciting bits of news were never going to come from the silly staged events—they were going to be coming from the panels and presentations.

Feature Image - EVEOThe following are the biggest takeaways as far as I’m concerned presented in no particular order:

  • CCP will eventually drop the PS3 and continue with an updated version of DUST 514 for PC
    Probably the best turnaround news that could have ever come out of CCP Shanghai’s contribution to Fanfest. Developing solely for the Playstation 3 was a mistake and I’m sure that CCP knows it, now that a new console generation is in full swing. Pushing development towards the PC also means that more players will be able to give their previously pod-bound characters a chance to experience infantry combat.

  • CCP plans to roll all three of its games into one product in the future.
    This is the most exciting news that will directly effect the meta of EVE Online and will ultimately allow the other two games CCP is developing to be a success. Allowing players to use their characters in multiple environments gives veteran capsuleers more to do in the New Eden universe instead of the more popular alternative to waiting for something to do in internet space: play another game.

  • The new Mordus Legion pirate faction ships are teh sexeh. And they reskinned the Condor. And the new Moa will win hearts and minds.
    I am a shit-tier industrialist living in high-sec (right outside Jita, I might add) and I’m totally looking forward to spending all of my money on these new ships, especially the completely redesigned Moa with its new retractable nacelles and testing out a low-sec skirmishing Garmur. A full EVE Online recap can be found over at The Mittani.1

  • The tears precipitating from the looming industry changes to remove Tech 2 original blueprints is amazing.
    If the game of EVE Online was supposed tone a game where you could margin-trade to the top, there’d be a lot more market features added to the game than the simple interface they already have. The blueprint concept is supposed to support the notion that (nearly) everything in the game is made but eh players. However, due to the way that Tech 2 BPOs were initially distributed, their finite supply allowed for prices to steadily rise. Now that these are going away, Jita 4-4 margin traders and manufacturers are going haywire, and that’s just the start. There are other industry balancing changes that will be making things more expensive on the whole. Time to HTFU, fellow industry players.2

I might not be the very best at ~internet spaceships~ games, but I’d like to think that I have fun with them. EVE Online is going to change for the better over the next couple of years. Even though not all of what came out of the Icelandic convention was good,3 I’m looking forward to seeing the changes announced at Fanfest in the game.

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