Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E5.

  • Graham is trying to make EVE sound cool. This should be interesting.
  • More Canada jokes!
  • Vivendi is going to attempt to strong-arm ActiBlizzvisionard into helping them out financially by using its newly-found power to force the company to take loans to sure up their own financial problems. It helps to understand the situation that Vivendi is a publisher and the entire industry has shifted from the publisher-developer model to a self-publisher model thanks to venues like Steam. They’re a bit more desperate than we thought if they’re employing tactics like these to get paid.
  • World of Warcraft getting an in-game store? It’s about time. World of Warcraft becoming pay-to-win ON TOP OF A SUBSCRIPTION? It’s about time. Maybe Blizzard will lose enough hardcore players that it’ll seriously reevaluate all of its bad decisions its made since Diablo 3 lost features in its beta.
  • Real reporting bit: an ingenious way to tool a game for children by making the controller larger to recreate how a child might hold the PS4 controller. The first Xbox controller burn aside, I was wondering what I was looking at when I saw pictures of the controller pop up around the internets.
  • Kathleen actually wraps up the entire Pandemic Legion supercarrier whelp within about a minute and fifteen seconds. And does a great job at it. The quip about feeling like a war correspondent doesn’t seem entirely like a joke. I wonder if she’s ever tried to sit down and play the game…
  • Graham reporting on the FFX remake makes me upset that I don’t own a Vita. If I get a PS4, I might as well pick up a Vita too, but until then… I’ll stick with my PS2 copy of the game, thankyouverymuch.
  • BRB, making an ‘assnbutts’ feat. Kath-dog remix.
  • If Battleship isn’t an AR game of immense proportions, fuck Google Glass.

Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E4.

I’m a little late with this post, as I’ve been busy trying to relearn everything I forgot about Linux server administration.

  • Graham and Kathleen are rightfully smug for the US-in-general forgetting Canada Day. Now, moving on…
  • Square Enix continues its string of out-of-touch decisions by deciding that, instead of developing a Final Fantasy VII remake with modern 3D technologies, its time would be better spent by making Cloud’s SOLDIER uniform a pre-order bonus for Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. But Graham has a point, nostalgia can make up for a lot of sales.
  • MSFT announced an algorithm for match-making that takes into account the ratings and reviews that other players leave about you using the Xbox Live match-making system. The more negative ratings you receive, the more likely you are to be paired up with players with negative ratings like yours. It sounds like a decent way to split up griefing and trolling users from those wanting to just play the game and do so without feeling the need to use racial slurs and so on. Graham’s remarks are right on; if the system works as intended, perhaps there’ll be a bit more self-reflection among the Xbox Live players.
  • Dwarf Fortress hitting version 1.0 in 2033? Half-Life 3 confirmed.
  • Ars Technica comes up with some great information about the prices of console systems at release versus prices adjusted for inflation. While the Xbox One’s launch price is roughly half a gas tank more expensive than the Xbox 360’s launch price adjusted for inflation, it’s important to note that it’s still a difference of half a gas tank. I don’t really consider myself a social being that drives errywhere all the time, but that’s still something to think about.
  • Douche AsstrickDon Mattrick left MSFT and joined Zynga. Going from being the boss of the division that believed that the Xbox 360 was the offline version of the Xbox One to being the boss of a company that preys on consumers’ wallets with pay-to-win games that are borderline addictive. But oh wait, that was Xbox news. And Kathleen got a Dwarf Fortress joke in that needles the Xbox brand again! HEYOOOOO
  • The way to get a game that glorifies drugs classified in Australia: find/replace drugs to vitamins.