Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E6.

  • Steam sale joke warranted. That sale is bananas.
  • ComicCon jokes!
  • Ditching the stretch goal trend is probably a good move. With the indie gaming scene being stung by the recent Double FIne failures and promise-going-back-ons (LOL, I know that’s not a real word) it’s a breath of fresh air that at least some developers are not simply trying to illicit more money by dangling the carrot of more potential awesomeness for their games. The pause on the end of this clip after realizing that ‘raising too much money’ sounded silly to say is appropriate at the same time.
  • Sony’s steps taken to appease the indie gaming scene is landing them some positive support going into the upcoming Console Holiday Season of Hyperbole 2013. So much so that they’ve decided to take what Apple has learned from their successful App Store and package it in a way that makes sense for the upcoming PS4 audience. The phrase “objective quality” shouldn’t be something that scares away any developers of games that are unique creations or mechanically sound recreations–just the developers of the countless copycats that have ruined what made the XBLA the prime deployment for console-based indie games. Apple and XBLA both have their own share of Minecraft ripoffs as well as anything that you could imagine, so I hope that Sony’s threat to the ripoff-genre style of games is something that they come through on. It’d be nice to see a PS4 store devoid of developers riffing on each other for the sake of making money.
  • NHL 2014’s nod to its predecessor NHL ’94 for the SNES is a welcome sign that supports the claim that EA Sports isn’t a completely terrible studio and that they still have some developers that aren’t completely sold out to the new style of corporate whoring that has taken over the rest of EA’s publishing houses. Now, if only NHL 2014’s ’94 Mode could overtake the amount of people playing Wii Sports in the same splitscreen / turn-taking scenario of multiplayer gaming, there’d actually be something to notice, here.
  • Steam’s Summer Sale is basically one huge psychological trick to get customers to buy more games. This is obvious. Moving on…
  • The Power Glove documentary. PASS.
  • All of those puns are awful. I laughed. A little.
  • More Street Pass games? Isn’t the problem with the entire idea of Street Pass is that the console needs to be ubiquitous for it to actually have enough users that perhaps two might cross paths at some point in their lives?