It’s time to make way for better maps.

Even with this gambling thing hanging over their collective heads, Valve has been slowly renovating Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s maps to push the Source engine to its limits. In the same way that previous Valve product releases showcased new graphics technologies, CS:GO map renovations in addition to themed Operation releases have become new benchmarks for Source engine graphics capability.

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Chobopeon starts a debate on CS:GO and maps.

  1. chobopeon
    wouldnt it be swell if cs(go) had map pool as dynamic as bw’s and sc2’s?
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 01:30:07
  2. chobopeon
    @keekerdc maybe not equally dynamic but i think an intuitive level editor and/or more map diversity wouldve gone done the game good.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 01:40:51
  3. keekerdc
    @chobopeon I’d much rather see two great teams play on a map they both know well than some map they’ve been scrimming for five days
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 01:46:51
  4. chobopeon
    @keekerdc uh, yeah. me too. but there’s a middle ground where we dont play the same maps for 10 years.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 01:47:40
  5. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc The classic maps are the only thing that previous CS/CS:S players will be able to be familiar with in CS:GO.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 01:57:05
  6. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc what about the weapons, the gameplay and the look of it? anyway sc2 had LT, that doesnt mean it was the only thing.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:00:58
  7. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc I’d argue that maps are more important to gameplay in CS than SC2, as the latter is competitively about build strategy.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:04:54
  8. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc Routes and decision making about what ground to hold are important to FPS games just as which units to make are in SC2.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:04:56
  9. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc so you think it’d be too much to change maps more often than once a decade? thats part of how gameplay evolved in bw
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:07:17
  10. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc it provides variety, strategic/tactical evolution and novelty for players and viewers.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:08:00
  11. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc i mean i love nuke as much as anyone but i dont think the game reaches full potential w/o some new ground to cover
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:09:02
  12. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc BW needed maps to change because play favored one strategy on a map. CS players are more conservative than neocons.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:12:42
  13. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc CS players optimize routes on a given map. Any minute change would cause an uproar.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:12:49
  14. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc im not asking to change an existing map, im asking for completely new ones
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:13:35
  15. bcarr
    @chobopeon @keekerdc Which is funny, because Nuke in CS:GO offers LESS ground to cover over previous versions. Wonder what Valve’s thinking.
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:14:27
  16. chobopeon
    @bcarr @keekerdc well i meant new ground metaphorically but :D
    Mon, Jun 18 2012 02:15:34