Throw away your television, now.

Episode 9 is now live. In it, I try to find some sort of meaning from ELeague’s Vegas performance and rumors surrounding its future with a certain shooter showing major esport potential.

The editing process was relatively quick compared to some of the other episodes I’ve done, as I now feel relatively confident in the effectiveness of the Truncate Silence effect built into Audacity. I think I have the filter’s threshold set to something like -45 dB for silences longer than half a second. Without edits like that, the podcast would have been an extra two minutes long and I would definitely come off far more daft without the edit.

I really think I’m starting to hit my stride with the shorter episodes.

CAUTION: This episode contains NSFW descriptions of Colin Cowherd fans as dumb hicks and fucking brainwashed morons. Listener agreement is advised.

Episode 3 of the podcast is out.

I’ve just published the third episode of the podcast wherein I attempt to explain the subtle, sly references I’ve made about NA teams in previous episodes with the hashtag #nahope.

I know I take a pretty harsh stance on some NA teams’ failure to compete on the international stage, and I hope this podcast helps you understand what my (more than likely flawed) thought process about why we make the games, but–save notable exceptions–can’t compete in them. It’s a pure opinion piece and contains no newsy sounding things, so please adjust your salt level accordingly.