Orlando and new beginnings.

I’m going to admit it right now, I have had little to no inspiration lately with the whole blog thing. I think that’s going to change with the lessened amount of stress that I have in my head.

Let me be continue to be honest with you though: I might be a pretty big fan of MLG after that last event. Perhaps it’s because I finally realized how close to the inner circle one could get with a press pass and a few conversations. It’s nothing outrageous and it’s not like I could really call anyone I met a friend, but I could say someone like thegunrun is genuinely awesome. AskJoshy? The same.

Obviously I’m not important to most of the crowd, but being able to interact with them in a limited way is just invigorating as a fan of the community and someone who is trying to gain enough access to report what’s going on. While in that situation, I wouldn’t (and won’t) be able to report anything, I feel like the perspective that the situation gave me, in addition to the weekend as a whole, has only been a positive addition to my understanding of the scene.

I won’t be able to take advantage of the festivities that BlizzCon provides on an annual basis in Anaheim, but I think these two MLG events have filled my quota for being a no-one in the scene wishing to break into that semi-walled garden of esports as a journalist.

Anywho. I just wanted to rant for a bit.

Also, I wanted to share this tweet.[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/bcarr/statuses/126036722235617283″]

Trading a casino for a resort hotel.

Well, it looks like that instead of going to IPL3 as I had planned, I’ll be making the second MLG event that I’ve ever attended in Orlando—unless BlizzCon pans out.

Who knows, at this point, but odds are I’ll be going to MLG Orlando as a member of the press, even if I am taking vacation to leave the area to cover it. I’ve got to spend my vacation this year somehow.