Episode 5 is a little late, but the rant is strong in this one.

Just published today’s podcast. A little later than usual, but the three stories are all there and I have definitely already forgotten what I’ve said.

Gotten the recording and editing process down to about an hour and a half, but this one took a little bit longer because I didn’t have any notes to help me along–just the stories and statements I was bouncing ideas off of for the podcast.

I feel bad for not being organized, but I wanted to rush this one out as soon as possible just so I didn’t end up getting distracted. Volume level is up compared to Thursday’s recording, since there was no one else in the house. I feel like I need more soundproofing in the room if I’m actually going to produce these for a long period of time. Putting that on the to-buy list right after a new PC.

Can Yahoo succeed with esports coverage? Ehh.

ESPN made a splash, as I wrote about at the time, when it announced it would launch a dedicated esports section to host reports covering top tier games. Announcing the vertical alongside widely recognized talent in the form of Fionn and Slasher as well as other respected community figures. 

This afternoon, The Daily Dot reported that Yahoo will begin its own esports coverage. While the major names behind the section have not been disclosed to The Daily Dot, a vague overview of the staff’s contracts was leaked.

Many of the writer staff will be on full-time six month contracts, with the possibility to extend if the section does well, sources close to Yahoo tell the Daily Dot.

With no comment at this point, it’s time to wonder what Yahoo is waiting for–or even if they won’t formally announce at all.

It’d be interesting (not to mention it’d be a nice change of pace) if they skipped handing over content to competitors, as ground breaking and important as press-covering-press process stories are (sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm), and just have their reported put their heads down and begin working hard on producing quality content.

But, real talk: this is Yahoo. The last hip thing they did was buy out Tumblr.