I’m headed towards the West Coast, again.

Before a client media tour that I participated in almost two years ago, I hadn’t been west of the Appalachian mountain range in my life. Our group traveled up and down that range until it was time to go west. And pretty much directly west. From Orlando, the tour would head directly in the direction of Los Angeles. Traveling through New OrlĂ©ans and Texas, seeing where JFK was shot, crossing the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona, breaking down along they way was the experience of a lifetime.

This time, there will be much less traveling around and it won’t end with a hotel in the zip code 90210.

I’m flying out to SNA for MLG Spring Championship 2012 and the chance to work with (in person) the ESFI staff. I haven’t been able to write articles as consistently as I’d like to lately, but I hope that this trip will mark a turning point in the ability that I’d be able to contribute in the future.

If you’re going to be in Anaheim for the event, message me via Twitter and let’s hang out over some drinks. I don’t get out of my common environment very often and as far as I’m concerned, any sort of air travel is a special occasion. And special occasions always involve drinks afterwards.