Back at it again.

I can’t handle Medium anymore. I like the ideas behind it, but I’m just not sure it’s an ideal situation for a personal blog moving forward. I want better control over shorter posts. I don’t want to be guilt-tripped into added x amount of words in order to trip the secret sauce formula in order to get views.

I just want a place to write.

Yeah, this place doesn’t have an SSL cert. I’ll fix that in due time. Also, I’ll be archiving my lowercase esports posts over here and reposting them under my name.

I’ll add more here, soon.

Back to the blog.

It was a fun experiment while it lasted, but I think it’s best that I re-evaluate posting exclusively on Medium, especially since the recent updates have dramatically changed how some important bits work.

They removed comments from posts and merged that functionality into a universal response system. Depending on how I begin writing a response to a post, it gets treated differently by Medium: some responses end up being listed as posts in the top part of my profile page immediately under my identifying information, while others get relegated to a third section too far down the page past a feature that displays my recent highlights.

So, while I’m not going to stop using the service entirely, I am going to stop putting content there first and make a return to placing this blog at the center of what I’m writing on the Internet. Every once in a while I might post something to Medium first, but I don’t expect that to happen too often.

That being said… I wonder what’s happened to WordPress since I last used it.

Patch notes can be fun, too.

Medium’s iOS development team sure does know what users want to see. I mean, write me a song and I’ll scroll on down to keep reading what you’ve written.

The bigger picture here? Medium’s iOS client now allows its users to do something that most blog services would have included in their app from the get-go: write posts. I’ve been looking forward to thus update, as being able to manage a blog from my iPhone is part of what I’m looking for in a blog platform–something that WordPress has solidly allowed me to do for quite awhile now. This Medium update ticks that box, and promotes it from a “once in a blue moon” option to a legitimate contender for my attention.

I’m all for that. Even if, ultimately, I end up only cross-posting ~serious~ posts in the future, I think the Medium client is a huge step forward for the service. In an age where Twitlonger is still the preferred vector for longer-than-a-tweet posts, Medium should thrive the Twitlonger service eventually becomes disliked for serving ads.