Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E23.

  • A bash Sony episode? They just released the PlayStation 4, why not jump on them a bit? There must be balance, right?
  • Everquest Next: Yeah, We Lifted The Next Thing from Dungeons and Dragons, So Get Bent has pre-purchase packages to allow players to get early access to the game as it’s being developed, on top of buffs for new characters in this presently non-existent game. I’m sure Sony will sell a few packages to diehard Everquest fans, but I don’t think that they’re seriously considering taking on bigger MMOs like WoW or EVE Online with “deals” like these.
  • Warcraft movie? SNORE.
  • Business programs at schools are pretty important… for the schools they are connected to. While the prestige one gets from attending and graduating from these schools is certainly noteworthy, I’m not sure that getting a bunch of video game executives together and planning a curriculum around making a video game company really cuts it as an innovative program.
  • Desert Bus plug again!
  • The Xbox One probably is the only console that could handle Minecraft. Except for the PS4. Annnd of course, nearly any modern gaming PC.
  • Short a story so you have to film in front of your production crew? BUT WHERE IS PAUL, DAMMIT?!?

Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E19.

  • Oh MadKatz. How no one gives a shit about your day-late-and-dollar-short Android box with an HDMI port in it.
  • Pokemon finally discovering the third D has been a pretty hot topic in gaming lately. Not that I would know because as much as I’ve wanted to really get up to speed with the Fire Emblem series, I just can’t bring myself to buy a Nintendo platform after they released such an underpowered console with the Wii U. I hear that it’s good… but I’ll stick with replaying Pokemon Red on my Game Boy Advance SP for nostalgia’s sake, thanks.
  • $35 USD to instantly reach the endgame of Everquest 2? Sony still runs the servers for this game?
  • Angry Birds ripping off Mario Kart? Pretty lame.
  • Development parties are all cutting edge and everything, but why do you need to gimmick the hell out of one to make it cool enough to entice folks to come along? It is taking folks from Chicago to San Francisco, which is fine, I suppose, but how many folks will be flying into Chicago and flying out of San Francisco for this event? Why even bother with the train ride? Make it a cruise for crying out loud.
  • There’s nothing to add to Graham’s bit here about the Mojo. Just watch it for yourself.
  • The ticker for this segment is probably the most insightful bit of analysis wrapped in humor that’s actually true that could be said about Square Enix and their relationship with the legendarily popular Final Fantasy VII: “Does Squeenix just hate FFVII?” From all indications, the answer is yes.
  • Noooooo.
  • Kickstarter in AUS/NZ is welcome, but Kathleen’s right. What’re the odds that any offerings from those two countries won’t be completely overpriced to outside markets out of spite? I’m guessing pretty slim.