Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E25.

  • Oh no. Another Angry Birds spin-off title. Oh no.
  • The second most popular game on Twitch last week was Diablo 2? Standard, since the only folks playing Diablo 3 anywhere near normal as it should be are on now-last-generation consoles. Nice job there, Blizzard.
  • Square Enix iOS title pricing joke aside, Rovio’s incessant push towards monetizing every single aspect of their Angry Birds related games (and every other game they release) is starting to really push me away from ever seriously considering future mobile titles that are priced as ‘free’ in their respective stores. At least with most of Square Enix’s titles, I know what I am paying for ahead of time because they’re simply porting their products they’ve already ported to other less popular platforms, like the Nintendo 3DS or the Playstation Vita.
  • It’s not a huge secret that development on the next title begins after shipping the game that your development house has been working on, and it’s definitely the case in the dynasty that is Gran Turismo. GT6 wasn’t a launch title for the Playstation 4, but that’s being addressed with its release this week. Forza never really held much of a candle to GT’s extreme simulation of everything car-related, but it was a title that Xbox One users picked up at launch. GT6 will certainly see success, but how long will it be until PS4 early adopters head back to their local game store, pull out their wallets and buy a new game? A fair question, I think.
  • Twitch integration has come to Minecraft. I’d have rather that Notch had been working on 0x10c instead, but I understand that subjecting the masses of Minecraft players to Twitch broadcasting while trying to run Minecraft in a stable fashion comes second to revenue generation.
  • Putting cameras in an average person’s living room with a microphone didn’t yield a second thought because of all of the marketing research potential that could be gathered from their players, but they didn’t realize that a camera pointing at a player could mean dicks on the Internet? Clearly, Sony hasn’t thought through the consequences of a player-facing camera as Twitch has decided that it would rather not list the PS4 Playroom as a title on their service, but what is MSFT going to do when this same situation affects them due to horribly, average Xbox One users?
  • Localization mixing as DLC isn’t exactly a new thing, but I suppose that Square Enix getting behind it makes the whole thing newsworthy. I’d buy the pack, but I still have to finish FFXIII, purchase and finish FFXIII-2 and then purchase FFXIII-3 before the optional patch becomes even remotely relevant to me.
  • That answer is easy, Graham: it’s FFVIII. Emo kids run about with swords that are also guns doing wire-fu maneuvers in order to save the world while playing random card mini-games and lamenting about not being in a relationship or something like that. What’s so hard to understand about that? It’s not so simple like the balance of the world has been destroyed and a party fights to correct it, yet I’m fairly sure I’ve got it nailed down in one run-on sentence.
  • GTA: San Andreas is the logical next step for Rockstar’s mobile gaming / porting strategy. Even though the controls aren’t really the greatest, all of their titles play flawlessly on iOS and Android. Can’t wait to not replay GTA:SA.

Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E23.

  • A bash Sony episode? They just released the PlayStation 4, why not jump on them a bit? There must be balance, right?
  • Everquest Next: Yeah, We Lifted The Next Thing from Dungeons and Dragons, So Get Bent has pre-purchase packages to allow players to get early access to the game as it’s being developed, on top of buffs for new characters in this presently non-existent game. I’m sure Sony will sell a few packages to diehard Everquest fans, but I don’t think that they’re seriously considering taking on bigger MMOs like WoW or EVE Online with “deals” like these.
  • Warcraft movie? SNORE.
  • Business programs at schools are pretty important… for the schools they are connected to. While the prestige one gets from attending and graduating from these schools is certainly noteworthy, I’m not sure that getting a bunch of video game executives together and planning a curriculum around making a video game company really cuts it as an innovative program.
  • Desert Bus plug again!
  • The Xbox One probably is the only console that could handle Minecraft. Except for the PS4. Annnd of course, nearly any modern gaming PC.
  • Short a story so you have to film in front of your production crew? BUT WHERE IS PAUL, DAMMIT?!?

Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E16.

  • Hunting ghosts sounds cool for new games. I just hope Jaffe hasn’t jumped off the deep end.
  • I had a similar experience in GTA V to what Graham acts out. After completing the plot missions and finishing the story, I suppose that the game is kind of over until we get the expansion DLCs that make the game’s story replayable, like the previous game in the series.
  • I would have to think that telling users to do something at their own risk is the worst warning that could be possibly be issued. Xbox One users will start complaining that their vertically positioned units will fail within two months of release–I’m calling it now.
  • A third title for Final Fantasy XIII not making sense? #standard
  • A legitimate NGO has mapped the British Isles in Minecraft sporting a 3.6 GB file size for the world. Pretty intense.
  • The 1313 engine being repurposed from gaming production to movie production is a bit of a bummer but not completely unexpected, considering Disney’s penchant for direct-to-home sales for budget IPs. Still bummed that Star Wars 1313 has been completely shelved, though.
  • A new company to make games for hunting ghosts and so on? Why bother?
  • 16 million dimes is a lot of dimes.
  • Blackberry actually had a games initiative?