Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E20.

  • “Don’t?” I sense Rockstar bashing in the near-future.
  • brb preparing my sexy thuomp outfit
  • PlayStation 4 consoles in Brazil have an import duty? Well, that would certainly cause the price to rise by over four times the initial USD-equivalent price of the console itself.
  • Unreal Engine 4 is only for PC. That’s fine. I think I’ll join the rest of the world in waiting for Epic Games to port the engine to another platform that needs it–like the upcoming consoles.
  • Now the teaser at the beginning of the episode feels a bit harsh. Of course there will be malware-seeded torrents of PC games available on various trackers. I’m pretty sure every major release in the past decade and a half has a spam-filled copy or honey-pot vector out there in some manner. This is normal and shouldn’t have warranted a PSA, but I suppose that PC gamers feel a bit jealous of the final-hour current-generation console players who have access to this great game and would do just about anything possible to get their hands on a copy.
  • Isn’t reselling access to PBS a crime? If it isn’t, it should be. Shame on Microsoft for pressuring PBS to put content on its Xbox service and then hide it behind the paywall that everyone already pays for.
  • Nintendo invented a new princess character for it’s upcoming Super Mario 3D World. Annnnnnnnd no one cared because it’s a 3D remake of Super Mario World. Bonus Graham Nintendo zing!
  • The Wii is dead in Japan, long live the Wii! Double bonus Kathleen Nintendo zing!

Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E16.

  • Hunting ghosts sounds cool for new games. I just hope Jaffe hasn’t jumped off the deep end.
  • I had a similar experience in GTA V to what Graham acts out. After completing the plot missions and finishing the story, I suppose that the game is kind of over until we get the expansion DLCs that make the game’s story replayable, like the previous game in the series.
  • I would have to think that telling users to do something at their own risk is the worst warning that could be possibly be issued. Xbox One users will start complaining that their vertically positioned units will fail within two months of release–I’m calling it now.
  • A third title for Final Fantasy XIII not making sense? #standard
  • A legitimate NGO has mapped the British Isles in Minecraft sporting a 3.6 GB file size for the world. Pretty intense.
  • The 1313 engine being repurposed from gaming production to movie production is a bit of a bummer but not completely unexpected, considering Disney’s penchant for direct-to-home sales for budget IPs. Still bummed that Star Wars 1313 has been completely shelved, though.
  • A new company to make games for hunting ghosts and so on? Why bother?
  • 16 million dimes is a lot of dimes.
  • Blackberry actually had a games initiative?

Here’s what I learned from CheckPoint S3E15.

A later than usual post. Hadn’t gotten around to actually watching CheckPoint until my lunch break, today. Another post coming this evening regarding some esports business news.

  • Of course all we’ll be talking about is GTA V. This is expected.
  • That opening is excellent, Graham. Kathleen’s troll is effective, though.
  • Wii U game? PASS.
  • Man, the Ouya news is something I could just care less about. Sure, they’re pretty new at the whole Android-based console world thing, but at least they’ve fixed the mistake and it only took three bad eggs to spoil what could’ve been a massively abused loophole in indie-game funding. Even so, I still can’t bring myself to spend any more time on an Android console than I already do. It’s called my Nexus 4. It also doubles as a phone. It’s pretty damn impressive, if I’m honest.
  • I’ve used the iFruit app on my iPad at home and I have to say, it’s definitely a fun little toy. It’s also nice to have cars ordered for you that are already upgraded and appear without the whole difficulty of finding a decent car to steal and spending time and money liberating it and upgrading it in the game. Once you’ve done it for each character, however, that part of the functionality ceases to be useful. Chop makes up for this shortfall, even though the minigames you play with the dog to increase his skill are a bit hectic and not very smooth.
  • Atlas is bailed out by Sega. I’m with Kathleen on this one: Sega’s history points towards destroying most franchises it absorbs by mashing them up with each other. I hope they let Atlas keep making RPGs.
  • “Madden games: I may not play you, but I respect you.” It’s too bad all of that attention to detail couldn’t be put towards other EA titles.
  • Kathleen and knives? It’s Paul’s fault. I can accept that.
  • SimCity is still trying rip players off? Oh Maxis. How far you have fallen.